Bia Úr 

 The extreme processing and artificially enhancing the shelf life of food products inspires us to seek out food made in a more natural way that’s free of the chemicals used to enhance appearance, taste and shelf life and offer them to the customer at an affordable price delivering them right to your door and in doing so especially during these strange and challenging times supporting the local food producers and small businesses, protecting local jobs. The benefit of consuming these foods is not just in the fact that they taste better and are healthier for you or the overall advantage to the economy both locally and nationally but it is also a better option for the earth.  So in a nutshell we are about choice, choice of foods and the choice to support local businesses while being friendlier to the environment and having fresher more natural foods conveniently delivered to you.   Whether its one unit of milk on our rounds or several products from a selection of our range dropped once a week or a one off delivery whenever it suits you, we offer the choice to make local foods all or part of you and your families demands and we will bring it to you.

Currently we offer a door to door milk delivery service where a customer can have anything from 1 litre of milk to any amount of anything from our range delivered up to three times per week on a standing order. Like a traditional Milk round customers can wake up to fresh milk, juice, bread and eggs on their doorstep.
(this service is location specific please see below for more details) 
Customers can put in one off orders with us that we will deliver to them when it suits them, this service has a broader range and captures areas outside those areas that are not on the rounds, some specific areas will have specific days for delivery and some areas can have one day a week standing order deliveries.
Coming soon we will have our online shop up and running where people can simply shop online at their leisure and have the products delivered to their door.  
Hopefully we have an option that suits you, if you are interested in any of the services please fill out the form below with your name and email and any other query and we will bet back to you promptly or click here to contact us by phone or email 

Doorstep Service

Why not have our Multi award winning Village Dairy milk or any of our products delivered fresh to your doorstep up to three mornings a week. If you are in any of the following areas you can avail of this service on one two or all three days (Tue,Thurs,Sat). Killeshin, Ballylynan, Graiguecullen, All Carlow Town, Ballycarney, Kilmeaney, Tinryland, Milford, Ballinabranna, Crossneen. and most areas in or around these areas. As well as this, the following areas are served once per week on a Thursday, Knocbeg, Sleaty, Ballyharmon, Magney, Ballickmoyler, Strand, Arles, Palentine, Castledermot, Bennekerry, Ballon and most townslands in between, why not give us a shout if you are interested but unsure if your address falls into these areas and we will do our best.

One Off Orders

If you find you are outside the areas that our rounds cover or you just want an occasional order we offer a one off delivery service where you order and we will deliver. You can even schedule a weekly daytime delivery if you prefer, to inquire about a one off delivery simply fill out the box below and we will respond to you promptly to organise delivery. 

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