Welcome to BOXED

The new way that makes it simple for anyone to cook restaurant quality, wholesome, healthy and delicious Meals all sourced from Local Irish Suppliers with full instructions and cooking times, its everything you need to make the perfect meal without the hassle of the shopping and remembering to get every little detail, No prep, its all done and everything little detail is there, all in one box.

Our Menu

Our menu consists of some exquisite dishes with only the finest of local ingredients and top class prime cuts of Irish meats. Meals that might only make the table for special occasions or left altogether even for meals out will now be crafted  and prepared with care by head chef Dave Cowan and the team with sauces and gravys that are unique to BOXED we will remove the hard work and prep time and make it easy for you to wow your family and guests with  meals that are no longer beyond you.  

Currently we have our three Signature boxes to choose from these boxes are all special in their own way and should all be tried at least once and are currently available all year round, click link below for full details and prices.,  

We now have the Sunday Roast all BOXED off  for you with everything in the box to cook a fine Sunday Dinner with a choice of high quality prime cut meats, the freshest local vegetables and unique gravy and sauces, Bring the family back together for your Sunday Roast all made simple by BOXED.

Keep an eye out for for our special boxes that appear from time to time they have the usual high quality Boxed Meals with a little extra to highlight the special occasion so far we have had Christmas and Valentines day special boxes. 
For all inquiries or to book a Box contact info@biaur.ie