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About us

 Our background as small scale producers of milk & cream in The Village Dairy in Carlow where we are passionate about producing quality minimally produced food that we add absolutely nothing to enhance taste, appearance or shelf life, meaning healthier, tastier, more natural products that we are proud of. And our experiences and the knowledge we gained along the way about how mass produced foods are made in comparison to how we do things has led us to this point. After initially starting a door to door service for milk just before the Covid lockdown we slowly introduced other locally produced products made in a more traditional way without any added chemicals and being significantly fresher. Noticing there was a demand for such products and an increased desire of people to choose the greener option and with a strong desire to support other small food producers and the jobs created by them, and with the ultimate goal to make it easier, more convenient and affordable for customers to make fresh locally produced foods all or part of their families needs and with a significantly reduced carbon footprint,  Bia Úr was born.

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Why choose Bia Úr
  • Fresh & Locally Produced
  •  High Quality Artisan Food
  • Friendly Convenient Service 
  • Delivered to You
  • Supporting Local Businesses
  • Supporting Local Jobs
  • Greener & Better for the Earth

Meet our Partners

Below are some of our current partners we are working with that allow us to offer you the freshest Craft Milk and Cream including Ireland's only supply of Pure Jersey Milk, Freshly Squeezed Juices, amazing Soda Breads and Scones, and high grade Free Range Eggs. Each of our suppliers have their own unique stories that have led to them producing local, national and even international award winning foods. We are currently working with these producers to increase the range of products we offer and will be introducing new partners offering a whole range of different products most of which have never been before available for home delivery, this is high quality food delivered to you at an affordable price. 
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Doorstep Delivery

If your house or business is located on one of our routes and you would like to inquire about our doorstep service whether just milk or any of our products click below and submit your details and we will respond promptly.

One Off Delivery

If your house or business is located outside our rounds or you simply want to order from us whenever suits you, please click on the link below and submit your inquiry and we will get back to you and arrange delivery.

Tell us what you want

Is there something you think we should stock that suits our ethos or would you like us to source something for you or a locally produced version of a product you currently use just let us know by clicking below