Dairy Products

Milk & Cream

All our milk and cream comes exclusively from the multi award winning Village Dairy,  winning the award for best milk in Ireland on two occasions and best dairy in 2019 we are delighted to be able to offer their entire range which includes Conventional , Organic and the only source of Pure Jersey Milk in Ireland and it is exclusive to Bia Úr Doorstep delivery, we see this milk as being our flagship product being the basis for our doorstep rounds so why not have a few litres of the best milk around delivered fresh to your door. 

Fresh Milk

Available in 

1 Ltr Full Fat
2 Ltr Full Fat

1 Ltr Low Fat
2 Ltr Low Fat

1 Ltr Skimmed Milk
2 Ltr Buttermilk
250 ml Cream

Organic Milk

Available in

1 Ltr Organic Full Fat
2 Ltr Organic Full Fat

1 Ltr Organic Low Fat
2 Ltr Organic Low Fat

250ml Organic Cream

Jersey Milk

Extra Creamy Luxury Milk Exclusive to Bia Úr  Available  in

1 Ltr Jersey Milk
2 Ltr Jersey Milk

Butter & Cheese
We are delighted to be able to offer our customers both butter and cheese from Glenstal these are very high quality products that are not available everywhere, it wasn't easy to secure this supply and those of our customers that have tried these products haven't went back, so well worth a try and good value for money. 

Glenstal  Traditional Salted Grass Fed Irish Butter
Glenstal Distinctively Rich Extra Mature Cheddar cheese 200g block
Glenstal Rich and Creamy cheddar cheese slices 180g